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        1.   Hiyoung Textile&Garment Group
            Tel:+86-632-6658778 6666666
            Url: www.nbfxdq.com

          With the spirit of "Learning & Innovation; Communication & Harmony", survive by quality and develop by reputation, we, with scientific management, high-tech quality products, and top company reputation,  are striving to build a renowned large-scale production base of garments. And we are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation!  
          With the rapid development of our business, we need more talented people in textiles engineering, international trade, marketing and garments to join us. If you’re the right person, pls. email your resume to:
          H.R Dept. of Zaozhuang Hiyoung Dynasty Textile Co. Ltd.
          H.R Dept. of Zaozhuang Hiyoung Garment Co. Ltd.
          Tel: 0086-0632-8811176/8829866 
          H.R Dept. of Zaozhuang Hiyoung Zhongtai Garment Co. Ltd.
          E-mail: sun331587704@163.com

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